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A Comedy Retrospective Told Through Old Flyers

July 10th, 2012 upcoming shows

Our Tuesday night open mic has, against all odds, existed in its various incarnations  for 5 years and counting. This means it’s about time for a new flyer. While playing around with designs, I thought it might be fun to take a stroll down memory lane. Above is a new, simple, rough design prominently featuring our little Robot mascot, saving cities to his heart’s content. Click below to see some blasts from the pasts.






These classy pieces of work were made in early 2011. At the time OKC Comedy was sponsoring and hosting a lot of comedy shows big and small, including the Tuesday open mic. They have since moved on to bigger things, booking the Doug Bensons, Stanhopes, Maria Bamfords and Paul F. Tomkins of the world. The flyer on the left was designed by the very talented Jen Rickard for the Othello’s Tuesday open mic. When the show briefly moved to La Luna for a few months, she busted out this sister flyer in half a second.


This beast of a flyer was made in 2008 and lasted for year-and-years. It’s the first flyer ever used to promote the Tuesday open mic and it stayed in circulation way too long. What is the set of teeth joking about? Carrots? It was put together one lazy afternoon by the very funny Anthony Cavazos, while his friends sat on his couch. If only this flyer was as good as his stand-up, we’d never need another design.

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